Posted by: admin | February 9, 2010

I already have my new A1200

Today arrived my new A1200. It’s a Brand new model from Amiga Technologies.

Comes with:

– 68030 accelerator with 16Mb fast RAM.
– A Subway USB controller.
– Kickstart 3.1
– PCMCIA Network Card
– Compact Flash 4GB

I bought an A1200 because my A4000 (second hand) is very old and in bad condition. It had a lot of dirt and the case is dented and scratched.

Seemed that the previous owner used the A4000 for planting potatoes.

Luckily it fallen into my hands and slowly I’m fixing it with parts from Amibay.

With the A1200 also arrived a Deneb USB card for the A4000.

Now I have all things for set-up the BBS with real nodes.


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