Posted by: admin | February 10, 2010

USB ethernet speed test ( AmigaOs3.9 )

I’m testing the Deneb USB card and the D-Link USB2Ethernet adapter DUB-E100.

The USB adapter works very well.
The Amiga’s multitasking does not suffer anything.
The test was performed using an A4000 040 with 16Mb Ram and Os3.9

It takes 5 minutes to download 100Mb (300 kb/s), slow, but I do not know the speed that reach other ethernet cards in Amiga.

The strangest thing is that the upload speed is much lower!

It takes 30 minutes to upload 100Mb ( 60 kb/s) !
The ftp server is a Macbook pro with a 7200 rpm disk.
I’ll investigate this X-File.


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