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  1. Just wanted to say I think it’s very cool you’re setting up an Amiga board. I’ve been playing around with emulators off and on, trying to refamiliarize myself with AmigaOS, and trying to figure out what software I want to run. I figure the only way we’ll keep AmigaOS alive is by as many of us as possible keeping involved in some way and showing there is still a demand!

    I wish I still had my old A500. It wasn’t much, but I’m nostalgic!

    • Thank you, the idea is to create a mega-base with all the Amiga Software accesible via NComm or Term software. PCMCIA Lan cards are cheap, and with a basic A600 without hd you can connect to a BBS and download a game or a program. You don’t expensive accelerators / graphic cards. The bad thing: No A500 ethernet boards available today, only for A600/A1200 and their big brothers.

      Please Jens, think in the A500! We want an ethernet board!

  2. cosmos.amiga@gmail.com
    save that mail that is best /price service in EU
    He repaired my A4000 making total dead MB brand new..
    He is in France and 3 times cheaper than AMiga center..

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