Posted by: admin | December 13, 2010

Replacing the CD32 Laser Unit

Recently I bought a NOS CD32 v4.0 (French version) with a scart cable.
Very nice, but the consoles didn’t work with CDRs and had many problems with originals CDs.

I decided to replace the CD32’s laser unit buying a new one in Dönberg Electronics LTD.
This is the model: KSS 210b only 12,9€ + shipping

this is was what we did:

Laser unit box

New Laser Unit model KSS 220B

Instructions for remove the anti-static protection

Original Laser unit inside the CD32

Undo Screws

Removing the protection

Laser unit



Remove bar

Unplug connectors

Comparing units


Testing continuity with a tester

Now the CD32 works like a NOS one and it can read CDRs without problems.



  1. That was a job well done! 🙂 I’m sure your friend now has more joy with his CD32.

  2. Hey Admin,

    A little late to reply to this topic I guess.
    I have a cd32 with the same problem. It is not french, but a pal version. Beside the point I think. I’m thinking about replacing the laser following your guide. This post is rather old now, 2011. I like to ask you, what is the recent situation of your cd32. Was it a stable solution after time? Is this KSS 210B lens still the best option? Surfing the internet i read some amiga hobbyists are talking about aligning by modifiying some presets see here:

    Is this needed?
    I hope this is not neccessary after following and finishing your manual, cause I don’t like risky expiriments like that.

    Thanks for your help!.


    • Hi, my cd32 is working perfect since I replace the lens.
      Sorry, I dont know nothing about aligning or modifiying the presets.

      Best regards

  3. 15-08-2015


    It has been a while, but this week I have received the KSS-210B laser, after ordening by the link:

    Yesterday I switched the laser in short time. Using your manual made it an easy job. Just I missed some pictures about when to take the soldering iron away. Afer building the old lasr out, I chose to first build in the new laser back in the frame. Before bullding the completed cd component back in the amiga cd32, I took the iron. After that I connected it put the frame screws back and connected all connectors back in place.
    There are several warnings on the laser box to be careful with static electricity. So although I have performed component changing jobs on pc’s and laptops before without bordering about that, I decided to take no risk. I just connected and old electric wire on my wrist with the elements bended on my skin, and the other side to ground. For people like me having no professional equipment lying around, I might be an alternative to.

    The result; Working!!!
    Where the old laser didn’t read anything anymore, the new laser plays all disks I have including cd-r disks I have here. Great success.
    It is now, just like you said better as the original ever was 24 years ago.
    The preset thing is absolutely not needed. The post I found before, just put’s people on the wrong track. For 23 euro’s, don’t make it difficult for yourself and order it. If you have a little experience with changing electric components you can do it.Take good care while opening the cd32 and make a photo with every step your taking. It is worth it.

    Thank you!!


    The only disk that gives trouble is a game I own called: “Banshee” .
    After putting it in the console, it runs but give a shell error”: No memory enough to run Bans.exe…error 10″

    Weird, I’m sure all cd32 are supported with 2 mb RAM. Must be sure enough for that game. Can you think of a reason? More demanding games like microcosm run fine. The other 15 cd-roms do it perfect.

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