Posted by: admin | November 11, 2010

ACA630 and ACA1230

Jens did it again. Individual Computers has designed two new accelerator cards for classic Amigas. The ACA630 for the A600 and the ACA1230 for the A1200.

Very interesting cards. I love the ACA630, it comes with 32Mb and a 68030/28Mhz (not EC).
You must quit the internal floppy drive if you want to install the Indivision+ACA630.

HXC Floppy Emulator it’s perfect to replace the A600 floppy drive:
I think the disk emulator will fit perfect with the ACA630 and the Indivision. I’ll do a review in other post.

The other card, the ACA1230 comes with 64Mb and a 68EC030. No MMU and No FPU. The only option it’s a RTC clock.
Will be a 56Mhz version far more interesting than this. But the 28Mhz version costs only 99€!


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