Posted by: admin | March 14, 2010

IDE2SATA adapter working in Amiga

Yes, now I have working a 750Gb disk in my Amiga!

I fixed the problem by doing these things:
– The disk does not work as a master but as a slave.
– You need to install IDE-Fix.

I installed the disk instead of CD because I must boot the amiga from the old disk to start idefix and mount the second disk.

Pic: AmigaX  now with 750Gb HD. 

I found a new problem. The SATA partitions were read-only.
I solved the problem by doing the following things:

1. Downloading the SFS
2. Installing the SFS in the hard disk using HDTOOLBOX after copying smartfilesystem in l:
3. Adding mounter u=1 >nil: in my user-startup

Now I can write data in the disks!



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