Posted by: admin | March 13, 2010

Tutorial: Telser.device

After 6 weeks testing hardware and software, I have a stable system for run the BBS.

The Bulletin Board Systems were connected modems through the serial port.
There were cards with multiple serial ports like the Commodore A2232

Modems are now extinct animals … a shame, I loved their sound!
Today everyone are connected by routers and dsl lines.

How can we integrate our old bbs software with tcp/ip?
Very easy, thanks to telser.device

If you want to use it, you will need AmiTcp/IP. I installed EasyNet from AmigaKit.

Once connected, we can download Telser and the key from Aminet.

The installer asks for AmiTCP, AS225, I-NET or Multilink.

The program was shareware but now it’s free, you can download the key from Aminet.
The key must be in s:

You need a comm software. I love Ncomm. You can get it from Aminet, now its free.
Once installed, you should change the serial.device by telser.device

Restart Ncomm and type:  atdt  (for example) and press enter

This is the screen where Ncomm store the “bookmarks”

Downloading a file using Z-Modem.library. In this case I got 5335 cps! ;P

Telser.device works with AmiExpress and any other communications software.


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