Posted by: admin | March 12, 2010

Indivision AGA – scroll problems

I have a new beautiful a4000 cost reduced.
This is the Amiga where I will test things before uploading to the BBS.

It’s the first time I have an Amiga with flicker fixer.

It comes with an Indivision AGA.

Everyone is happy with the Indivision, it’s a very good product but you must know a very important thing about it.
My new amiga is connected to a LCD TV (with a Scart cable) and now I’m also using a LG Flatron LCD monitor.
I can compare the image between the screens.

The first thing I did was run a demo. The typical Amiga demo with smooth horizontal text scroll.
What a disappointment!
The scroll on the  LG monitor was ugly (pc seemed).  In the LCD TV the scroll worked smooth and perfect.

I solved the problem downloading the configuration program from the Individual Computer’s site.

With this tool you can configure the screen timing to lower the Vsync rate.
Setting Vsync rate to 49.9Hz, the scroll is not perfect but looks very well.  It also depends on the monitor (response time).

Beware, not all monitors works with 50hz.
I tryed these three:
Dell 17″ – lower vsync: 55hz
Dell 15″ – Lower vsync: 58hz
LG Flatron –  Lower vsync: 48hz

Buy an Indivision, it’s a very cool product. If you love demos and games, buy  a 50hz compatible monitor for your indi.



  1. That’s way more clever than I was extepcing. Thanks!

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