Posted by: admin | March 7, 2010

SATA to IDE adapter for Amiga

I’m testing a SATA to IDE adapter without brand.
These are the specs:
– SATA II 3Gbps Mini adapter board (size 75mx26mm)
– Supports any type of SATA device
– Convert SATA Drive like a standard IDE/Atapi Drive
– 48 bits LBA can Break Capacity-limit to support HDD larger than 137Gb
– Compliant with Serial ATA2.6
– Support IDE Master, Slave an Cable select modes
– Tag Command Queuing
– SATA Hot-Plug
– SATA power save modes
– ATA/Atapi pio mode data transfer
– ATA/ATAPI UDMA data transfer rate of 150,100,66, 44, 33, 25, 16.7 Mb/s
– ATA/ATAPI-7 streaming feature set
– 100% OS-transparent hardware bridge converter to support PC, MAC and Linux, no driver required

I checked the converter with a 100gb disk and an A4000.
HDToolBox detects the disk, but after create partitions I can’t save the changes.

I tried with differents disks with the same results.
For now I can’t use the SATA to IDE  converter with the Amiga. ;(

Now it is working: read the story here


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