Posted by: admin | February 27, 2010

RGB to VGA adapter

We are testing a RGB to VGA adapter from AmigaKit.
It’s not a Flicker Fixer. It’s only an adapter with which you can connect an VGA monitor to your Amiga directly.

How it works?

You must copy the euro72 icon from storage/monitors to devs/monitors, then you must go to prefs/screenmode and select “Euro: 72hz productivity”.

This adapter is valid only for workbench and programs.  For games we need a flicker fixer.

We have tested the adapter in four A4000 and two A1200.

The A4000 does not work with the VGA Adapter. The power led becomes intermittent when we turn on the computer with the adapter.
We don’t know if the problem occurs in all Amiga 4000.


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