Posted by: admin | February 26, 2010

S3Trio working with Mediator

Now I have my own Mediator 4000di.

The reason I bought this card and not a X-Surf , is because I wanted a graphics card to work in 640×480 without flicker. (I have an rgb to vga adapter in my A1200, but it don’t works with my A4000).

I had problems with Kickstart 3.0 and Mediator, but it works well with Kickstart 3.1

I have an old Realtek 8029 card and two s3 based cards.

Everybody uses Voodoo3 cards with Mediator because 3D acceleration. S3 cards works very well, but you must do these things:

1. Download and install Picasso96 v2.1 (I found it in “the zone” :
2. Download an install the s3Trio64 driver from Elbox
3. Restart the Amiga and open Picasso96Mode in the prefs folder.
4. Go to the menu and open the file “picasso96settings.trio”:

5. Here you can test and configure the screen modes. Pressing the “test” button, you should see an image in your vga monitor.
6. Now  go to prefs and open “PVS”. Be sure “Soft Sprite” is activated and save the prefs.
7. Open the screen mode program in prefs and select a trio64 mode.

Note:  Some modes may not operate in your monitor because incompatible frequency.

Now we have the system working in 640×480 true colour without flicker. Ready for a very big SATA disk.  😉


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