Posted by: admin | February 21, 2010

USB ethernet speed test – AmigaOS 4.0 Classic

I haven’t AmigaOs 4, but a reader sent me this interesting test.

Hardware used:
– Amiga 4000
– CyberStorm PPC 200Mhz / 128Mb
– Deneb USB
– D-Link DUB-E100 USB NIC

Software used:
– AmigaOs 4.0 Classic
– Amiftp
– Classicwb.iso (104Mb) – for transfers

Download test:

It takes less than 4 minutes to download 100Mb (aprox. 450 kb/s). Faster than with OS3.9 in a standard A4000 (300kb/s).

Upload test:

It takes 5:20 minutes to  upload 100Mb (aprox. 300Kb/s). FASTER than with Os3.9 in a standard A4000 (60Kb/s).
Appears that Deneb + USB NIC card are a very good solution for OS4 classic.

Thank you for the test mr.mig !


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