Posted by: admin | February 20, 2010

Realtek 8029 speed test

We are testing a Realtek 8029 NIC from Ovislink with his Mediator 4000di.

We choosed the 8029 because Mediator crashed before with two 8039 cards.

Computer: Amiga 4000 C , 16Mb RAM, 68040, Kickstart 3.1

Before using mediator you must pray all you know. But if you have compatible cards, It will work.

First we plugged the NIC card in the first PCI Slot (it doesn’t work in others…)

We had the Mediator Multimedia CD files installed.
In genesis we choosed mediatornet.device.

Download test:

It takes 4 minutes to download 100Mb (400 Kb/s)  faster  than  USB Ethernet (300 Kb/S) and PCMCIA Ethernet (200 Kb/s).

Upload test:

It takes 6 minutes to upload 100Mb (300 Kb/s)  faster han the USB Ethernet (60 Kb/s) and the PCMCIA Ethernet (200Kb/s).

… so far is the best for now, but mediator is unstable. * (Fixed changing drivers, now works very stable).

Transferring large files we had no problems.

With small files, the computer was rebooted and showed this guru: ERROR: 8000 0004

*Fixed changing Mediator drivers.

The next test will be a X-Surf. Hope it’s the ultimate test.


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