Posted by: admin | February 2, 2010

The beggining

After 15 years without Amiga, I returned to “amigaland” excited.

I purchased some hardware, an old A4000D and a new A1200 from AT (yes, a NEW A1200 in 2010! I was surprised when I saw them in Amigakit).

“Amigaland” is a good place to go when you leave the office after a bad day. Is a way to disconnect from the real world in crisis and a great hobby.

An idea round my mind…  I want to setup a new Amiga based BBS (as I had 10 years ago).

This time there will be no USRobotics modems… this time we will play with telnet and the web.




  1. Appecriaiotn for this information is over 9000-thank you!

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